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Germans Stand Up To Muslims
Dec. 5, 2010 – Townspeople of Monchengldbach, Germany were dismayed at the site of 250 bearded muslims gathering, rolling out their
rugs and praying to Allah. The muslems are in defiant response to public outcry over radical muslims’ building of a school in the area. The
school will be used to teach a militant version of islam. Germans have gathered the moxy to proclaim ‘This is not right and we will not
tolerate this!’

A trend across Europe is taking place, where ordinary citizens are taking a stand against the incorporation of radical islam into their society.
When it comes to radical islam, Germans are willing to put aside political correctness and ‘tolerance’ in order to salvage their culture.

In the Netherlands political correctness has also been set aside since the 2004 murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an islamic fanatic.
There the anti-islamic political party, the Freedom Party, has risen to be the third largest political organization. The Freedom Party is helping
the government keep promises to ban the burqa, cut immigration and imprison illegal aliens, a move that both Republicans and Democrats in
America will not do.

Swiss and French officials have gotten on the same track as the Netherlands', and France’s ban on face-covering-veils has gotten broad public support. Recent surveys state that Germany is more negative toward muslims than their European neighbors.

In Germany the radical islmaics have called for the execution of muslims who do not ‘put their toe to the line’, a stance that German citizens do not tolerate. Videos have surfaced of muslims calling for such action.

Here in the United States a constant call from the liberals for political correctness and tolerance is directly opposite to what Europeans have done to preserve their nations. Recent public outcry over a mosque being built in the footprint of the twin towers was criticized by liberals, mostly on the Democrat side of the isle who seemed in favor of the mosque. However, fortunately there are still a majority of Common Sense Americans who see truth for what it is and are unwilling to accept just any old line of thinking.
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