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Congress Passes Bill Restricting Freedom Of Choice At Vending Machines
In what would seem a plausible idea, a bill has passed congress which now restricts what students may choose to eat. Wanting to strengthen health standards for kids, congress pass the $4.5 billion child-nutrition bill which will take money away from programs such as Food Stamps and flex the muscles of government. This would seem to be a good idea until you ponder what it means for American teenagers who now do not have the freedom to choose what they will get from vending machines.

The Lomax Report questions if the next generation will know what it is like living in a society where you can choose your own snacks because now they will not be able to. The bill was sponsored by out-going Democratic senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, now living elsewhere.

On the other side of the isle Republicans have been barking over keeping tax cuts for wealthy Americans while wanting to up taxes for working class citizens who keep the country going. A link below is provided to an article published December 3, 2010. Reports such as these are why third party and independent politicians are gaining ground with each election. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are feeling more pressure than ever to identify with the common sense American. So far they seem to not be able to.
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