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Man Evicted From Land For Living Too Simple
Madison County, Ind,: 72-year old Dick Thompson is being evicted from his own land for living too simple, "off the grid". He lives alone in a small camper without running water and no electricitiy - what has become commonly called 'off the grid lving'. He has animals that appear to be well kept, watered and fed and says he "just wants t be left alone". Thompson said "it's a bunch of bull.... too much hate." The county lawyer told WISH-TV8 that he is breaking rules living without the utilities. Below is the video shown on WISH-TV8. The action has brought quite a stir to the area.

Comments left on the WISH-TV8 blog show that the community is behind Mr. Thompson and do not wish to see the eviction. On Friday December 03, 2010 the story was discussed and the video played on the Alex Jones radio show. Views of many feel that this brings close to home the feeling that government is prying too much into people's personal lives. The video may be viewed below and a link is provided so you may see WISH-TV8s site with comments.
Click here for WISH-TV article and comments