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The Intolerance of Tolerance
As usual those on the liberal left are pushing to remove Christ from Christmas. But as the history of our
country is learned, Christmas has been an observance in many decades in the United States. Our country
celebrates the birthday of Martin Luther King and other traditions as well, but the fact that Jesus Christ is the
center of a celebration has the atheist community in an uproar again. Caving on the issue are cities and
towns who are removing the name Christmas Parade and replacing it with a Holiday or Winter Parade. While
the average American has no qualm with Christmas, a small group of individuals who are the poster-children
of intolerance are at the front of the push to remove any reference to Christmas.

If one chooses not to celebrate Martin Luther King day, then so be it. If someone chooses not to observe the celebration of Christmas, then so be it. But how dare a group of intolerant bigots push to remove it from the rest of the nation. As gays and lesbians march for their ‘rights’, why does such a group think they can trample on the rights and freedoms of others? Certainly the hypocrites of political correctness and tolerance can see they are in the wrong on this issue. After all, freedom is why the United States was founded.

In Philedelphia, the Monday before Thanksgiving, the American athiests organization posted a large bill board which mocked a nativity scene with the message "You Know It's A MYTH". Now, if someone sought to post an anti-islamic sign, people like this would be marching in the streets. It's just another example of how the preachers of rights and tolerance are the most intolerant and willing to step on others rights and beliefs.

Merry Christmas,

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