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Don't Ask, Just Tell Congress
As our military servicemen stand in harmís way in the Middle East, congress and military leaders are preoccupied with the special interest groups of the gay community. At the heart of the matter are a handful of people pushing to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military. Unfortunately most surveys regarding the issue are slanted and corrupted, especially by those on the liberal left. When an honest, straight forward survey was done, the majority of service personnel did not want a repeal of ĎDon-Ask/Donít-Tellí and also did not want the policies of the United States military changed to allow openly homosexuals to serve.

While all involved are preoccupied with this issue no one seems to be glancing back toward the Middle East to see whatís happening there. The Iraqi government has set in stone a date for which the American military forces had to be out of the country, at which time the Iraqi government will stand on its own.

As men and women in the military set in harmís way congress has seemingly changed its level of concern for the economy and unemployment in this country. Also the security of the country is all but being ignored during this debate. On the day after Thanksgiving the F.B.I. busted a terrorist plot to set off a bomb in Portland, Oregon which reminds us that we should be diligent to the security of the U.S. But instead, congress seems set on being preoccupied on the gay agenda.