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When an Ohio school district experienced nine snow days from school last year the school districte opted to have E-Days (electronic days) in which lessons are emailed to students. Why? Ohio allows only three days for snow per year that a district can miss, leaving all the rest to be tacked on at the end of the year, in June. Parents, teachers and students met the idea with mixed emotions. Teachers stand ready to email the lessons to students and then stay by the phone to answer questions for those who have difficulty completing the lesson. Students who do not have a computer have two weeks to complete the assignments. But will the kids get to enjoy the sacred snow days?
One parent commented that their child would get to go out for a while and then work on the assignment when he comes in work warm up. Other students have the same plan and like the idea because it means not having an extended school year. For seniors it will be a plus because it will mean that their school schedule stays on track and they will not have a crunch at the end of their final high school year. The Mississinawa Valley School District on the Ohio-Indiana line is the first to experiment with such an idea is is studying to see if the plan works. If so it will be interesting to see if other districts around the nation do the same.
Are Snow Days Becoming Extinct? Ohio kids have 'E-Days'