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Republican Tom Delay was found guilty of money laundering receiving 119 years in jail. In a typical Republican arrogance he made a veiled reference to the jury by saying he ‘hopes to get his case heard by people who understand the law’. This coupled with the convictions of six other Republicans for various corruption charges in other cases brings the question of the integrity of the Republican party and the people it backs for public office.
Recent years have seen many in the party convicted of crimes ranging from money laundering to receiving payoffs and bribes, a number of which are from Alaska. Below you will find a brief listing of Republicans who have been involved in corruption, all of which add to the fire of doubts growing for the Republican party.
Representative Beverly Masek (R) - Plead guilty to bribery Representative
John Cowdery (R) - sentenced for taking bribes.
Senator Ted Stevens (R) - Convicted of 7 felonies
Ex-Speaker of House Pete Kott (R) - Sentenced to six years in prison
Representative Tom Anderson (R) - Sentenced to five years in prison
Representative Victor Kohring (R) - Sentence to 3 1/2 years in prison
Ex-Governor Frank Murkowski (R) - Accepted over $20k in political favors.
Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) - Funneled taxpayer money to road to her home in Kenai, Alaska.

Even the Republican darling Sarah Palin had 21 ethics complaints against her and in 2009 had accusations of attempted bribery in an investigation of corruption in Alaska‘s fisheries.
Republicans have a long history of corruption, accepting bribes, favors and back-room deals with big oil and other industries. But that does not mean the better alternative is the Democrat party. A simple search on the internet reveals corrupt politicians in the Democrat party from top to bottom.
So what hope does that leave Americans at election time? The options are growing with the number of independents, third party candidates and the support of citizens tired of the corruption of the Democrat and Republican parties. The 2010 mid term elections saw many campaigns across the country feeling pressure because of their association with either of the two big parties.
Political Party Thugs: is the light of the Republican party dimming?