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The national unemployment rate is unchanged at 9.6%; not changed thus far even though the Thanksgiving-Holiday season traditionally adds jobs for the seasonal rush. Food banks across the U.S. are still seeing inventories used as those suffering financially from the unemployment crisis are seeking assistance. The unemployment rate in Arkansas rose by one percentage point to 7.8%. Jobs added recently were tax funded jobs such as school employment or in the fast food industry. So what does this mean for the unemployed during the holidays? Many Americans say they will spend less this Christmas season because of financial concerns and those unemployed unfortunately will have lean celebrations.
Columnists across the net have posted articles and interviews with unemployed citizens who say they are having open, honest conversations with their families regarding the lean Christmas season this year. Fathers and Mothers are discussing with their kids that Santa may not have as much in his sleigh for them. A sad event, but true in today's America.
As the holidays come on politicians seem indifferent to the current economic concerns of citizens of the United States. Republicans are screaming to retain their 'earmarks' in the federal budget and tax cuts for wealth-only Americans, while Democrats are stalwart on pushing the liberal left down the throats of Americans. Out of touch? You bet, and that is the very reason why independents and third party politicians are dealing the two main parties a fit.