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When the then hopeful Barak Obama was running for president the GOB criticized him for having “celebrity status”, more or less degrading him to the status of a carnival barker or showman. But what now Sarah Palin? No doubt she has mastered the art of showmanship garnering a reality show, book tour and paid speaking engagements, but is there any substance to her ‘bark’? Many citizens do not believe so.
“She reminds me of a school girl” said one person on condition of anonymity. “She’s obviously just another self serving person who is in the public eye.” This has been the reply during several discussions the Lomax Report has had with various citizens.
While she seems very outspoken she definitely does not seem to have any common sense. Remember the Katie Couric interview? The famous wink? And the list goes on. When speaking she seems to be George W. Bush’s twin sister with little more than looks going for her.
One truck driver commented “she’s utterly brilliant, brilliant” he said with a distant look in his eye. I was curious if he mumbled those words in a moment of pleasure as he was in the sleeper of the cab of his tractor-trailer. Strange, but most fail to mention more than her looks when discussing Palin. No substance to the ‘carnival bark’ she constantly spews, not to mention the many complaints of ethics violations against her along with accusations of attempted bribery. So with traits Palin displays, is she the best the Republican party can offer the public or just another Republican insider? With the many convicted politicians hailing from Alaska, concerns are being raised about whether she may be worth the effort for Republicans to support.
In the 2000 campaign people asked “is this the best that both parties have to offer?” Gore was as boring and off track as a dog on a cold trail and Bush, well, need any more be said? The only thing that keeps people like Palin, Bush, Pelosi and the type in front of the public eye is that the public is willing to walk along party lines. Like sheep to the slaughter, marching toward victory for the parties that are killing the U.S. But that seems to be changing as we saw numerous campaigns feeling pressure from third party and independent candidates.
It is obvious that both the Democrats and Republicans are out of touch with the citizens of the United States. Republicans preach ‘Free Market’ and cater to the mega corporations while the Democrats sprint to the wishes of special interests like the National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood and others. None of the extremes are what the public desires, but are what the two parties force feed Americans.
With this said, both the Republican party and the Democratic party have become stagnant and do not understand the citizens they supposedly represent. Nor do they intend to listen to the wishes of Americans.
photo: Public Domain / Ferrylodge
Is Palin The Best Republicans Can Offer?