Healthcare Is Getting Sick In The U.S.
Healthcare costs in the U.S. Are rising again, part thanks to the new healthcare regulations that congress has passed. Companies across the US are holding meetings with employees to explain benefits for the coming year, mostly with the same story to tell: rates are rising. One contributor to the rise in costs is the charges being made to insurance companies for doctor's visits.
At the time of this writing a recent visit to the doctor yielded a forty percent discount if paid in cash versus charges to insurance. In short, if you do not have insurance the cost is lower than what the doctors' offices charge insurance companies. That means split pricing. One price for customers in this category, a different rate for what they charge to the other category. Which leads to the question, what do they actually charge?
Recent visits to hospitals showed a number of Hummers parked in doctors' slots along with other high- end priced vehicles. One would suppose that the extra charges to insurance companies would be what is, at least partially, funding the lavishness that some in the healthcare field live.
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