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Recently there have been a host of people around the U.S. irritated by the practices of the TSA toward citizens of the U.S. From pat-downs to being radiated by the full body scanners, its obvious that people feel violated by the practices. But has the government gone too far?
There is always a question whether the government is overstepping its bounds. Citizens are increasingly becoming aware that the more leverage the government has the less rights that the citizens have. The constitution and bill of rights spell out what our country stands for. And on every turn it seems that the government is trying to lengthen its grip on citizens and lessen the freedoms we have.
Recent years have issued concerns over whether citizens will retain their rights to own firearms. Concerns over the ‘Green Movement’ cause citizens to ask ‘Are we being Europeanized?” “We don’t want to park all the cars, keep our homes cold and dim like a European” one person commented in a documentary about the electric car. Change is never easy, but is not always good either.
Government is always not the solution. Take NAFTA for instance, thousands of American jobs have gone to Mexico because corporations are thirsting for more profits. Trucking is suffering because Canadian truck drivers leave Canada and drive in the U.S., then go back to Canada with American money while occupying American jobs. And these are just two examples of how the government can create a mess.
As the U.S. struggles on which direction to take in a post-9/11 era, sometimes the gray areas become the most important. Should we allow each step we take to be dictated by the government? Should we give up this right to have a feeling of safety? These are not easy answers at times.
Many citizens have complained of being left with a violated feeling after having experienced the scanning and pat-downs at airports. On the November 17, 2010 broadcast by Alex Jones, one caller commented how his wife felt traumatized by rough handling by the TSA.
One fact remains true; as we continue in this post 9/11 environment we must make sure that the freedoms of the American people remain intact.
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A Pat Hand Or Not? TSA Pat Downs Irritate Public