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This evening I sat and watched an old black and white on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) called The Killers. For those not familiar with this movie, it is a crime drama made in the 1940s starring Edmond O'Brien and Burt Lancaster. Being a videographer myself, the cinematography is excellent and the use of light to accentuate the scenes was brilliant. So it set me to thinking.

Movies today seem lack-luster; if you've seen one slasher move, you've see 'em all. If you've seen one tear jerker you've seen 'em all, if you've... well, you get the point. One fundamental element that seems to be missing today is a good story to tell. The Killers is about an ex-boxer on the run from the mafia for losing a fight and ends up being killed. Edmond O'Brien is an insurance investigator that is on the trail to find out why he was murdered, and a tracker he certainly is. The story in this movie has many facets and keeps you interested throughout the entire move. Another aspect that this movie has is the feeling of hominess.

Each location in the movie had a familiar feel, a look that is believable for the common person and also seems like a place where you could hang your hat and just be happy. It put me in the mind of the Andy Griffeth Show episode 'Man In A Hurry' where the busy businessman broke down on Sunday in Mayberry and could not get his car fixed until Monday. In the end he simply had to try something that he obviously was not used to: relaxing.

My fondness of the old black and whites is because most have the elements I've mentioned above. Movies that are interesting and have a story to tell and the acting is very well performed. Movies where after a long day of work, after dinner, you can sit, enjoy the show and just relax. Maybe like the 'Man In A Hurry we just need to learn to relax.

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