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March 22, 2016 – Americas woke up this morning to news that islamics have once again struck with bombings, this time in Brussels, Belgium. Leaders of the country are calling for the border to be shut down and restrictions on entry into the nation. Belgium has been at ‘stage 4’ alert for some time, following the Paris, France attacks. In all, so far three reports of separate bombing incidents have been reported, one at an airport, another at a subway station and a third at a police station.

Here in the USA news reports were abuzz with reports and information coming in almost faster than it could be reported. It is interesting to note that here in the U.S. many rose up to oppose restrictions on immigration and border security. This morning in a Fox News interview Donald Trump doubled down on his call for a temporary halt of immigration until a better system of vetting is in place. As of 7:00am Chicago time, Trump was the only presidential candidate to vocalize concerns over the Belgium attacks.

During the current election cycle frontrunner Donald Trump said he would shut down the internet to groups like ISIS, much to the dismay of his rivals. During the debate in which Trump made the statement, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Bush and others shook their heads in disagreement to the method of countering radical muslim groups. In past weeks, as a result of Trumps call to temporarily halt immigration from the Middle East, and also calls for strong border security, Republican insiders such as Lindsey Graham have labeled Trump a ‘Xenophobe’ (racist). However, in view of the Brussels, Paris and California attacks, the call for strong security is seen as being on spot by many.

While liberal groups call for ‘political correctness’, ‘conservative’ leaders such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz call for a greater ‘understanding’ and ‘reaching out’ to muslims to build alliances. However, none of the tolerance crowd is calling for muslims to step up to the plate in combating and reporting radicals within their religion. It has been reported that isis has branches in every state in the United States. Currently the FBI spends the bulk of its time monitoring and following leads on muslim terror than any other type of case it investigates. Currently few muslims speak out against radicals in islam, leaving the question ‘is this a ‘radicals’ issue or a muslim issue?’

Throughout the middle-east and Africa, muslims are torturing and beheading those who do not convert to islam. Reports steam in daily of communities and individuals being pursued by musliim groups in an effort to eradicate any non-muslim influence. Christian leaders within the U.S. such as Jack Van Impe speak openly, warning of the danger of infiltration by islam into the culture of western and industrialized civilizations. Open Doors USA and Voice of the Martyrs are Christian organizations that report on issues of persecution of those of the Christian faith globally. The two organizations issue reports throughout each week of groups and individuals being pursued, persecuted and tortured for their Christian faith, much of the time by muslims.