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June 12, 2016 – In the early hours today a muslim terrorist struck a gay/lesbian nightclub in Orlando, Florida. At about 2:00am ET an islamic radical entered the nightclub and began shooting, killing at least fifty and wounding more than another fifty people. Later this morning information began circulating that confirmed that the shooter had made statements that he had interest in jihad. Also it was said in news reports that the shooter had ties to the middle-east.

About 8:30am ET a CNN reporter was quoted on twitter as saying “these things happen; they happened before 9/11”, in an apparent effort to minimize the situation. Later, other commentators began to slant the narrative toward the shooting as being a ‘hate crime’ because the nightclub was a gay and lesbian hotspot. .
Counterterrorism Expert Sebastian Gorka said in a Fox News interview that “this is NOT shocking” this is what they said they would do. He continued by saying that the White House and others in leadership positions need to stop saying this is a Hate Crime “because its not.”

The quick flip and twist in the narrative suggests a callous attitude toward the families of the victims and their families. Just as the Fort Hood families felt hurt because the incident there was relegated to “workplace violence”, families in Orlando are sure to be hurt by the politicizing of this tragic shooting.

With shootings coming at a more strigent pace, concerns of vetting procedures are coming to light. In the current election cycle, Donald Trump has called for a temporary pause on immigration from mid-east nations until better vetting procedures are in place. Each of Trump's opponents, including Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, branded the idea racist and declined to support stronger vetting procedures. However, DOJ leaders have said that there are investigations of ISIS within all fifty states, lending to the belief that the United States government should put stronger vetting procedures in place. Currently the government has no way of knowing how many muslims have entered the country with ties to radical islam.