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July 19, 2016 – During last night’s Republican Convention, Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, gave a speech which met with rave reviews with Republicans. However, her speech has come under fire from Leftists who claim the speech was plagiarized and originally written by Michelle Obama. Because of this many eyes have raised at the thought of Michelle Obama’s speech because it says “Donald would make a good President.”

As Melania Trump read the speech verbatim from Teleprompters in a very gracious performance, the so-called plagiarized speech included the phrase “Donald would make a good President”, which is strange because the speech was supposedly written by Michelle Obama. The relationship between the Obamas and Hillary Clinton has been filled with strife over the years, leaving some to question if that is the basis for Michelle Obama writing that phrase in the speech. Some are wondering of the Obama administration is admitting failure of leadership, therefore must give support to the best candidate to fix the mess that’s been created during his term.

The Lomax Report is watching for information from the Obama staff and also the Clinton staff to confirm why, if indeed the speech was plagiarized, Michelle Obama would support Trump in this fashion. Although Bernie Sanders has reluctantly given support to Clinton, it is believed that many of his supporters will cross over to the Trump train in hopes of a rebound in the economy should he win. The Obamas have not yet publically endorsed Trump, but speculation is that in the future an endorsement may come in an effort to get the nation back on track.