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McCain, Graham Push for War In Spite Of Syrian Vow to Stand Down

September 10, 2013 – Syria has vowed to surrender any chemical weapons to Russia for destruction in view of a vow by the Obama administration to send military strikes to the country.  Rolling up from behind is Senator John McCain, former god-send of the republicans, and Lindsey Graham still calling for a ‘yes’ vote from congress to authorize strikes on Syria.


With Syria agreeing to turn chemical weapons over to the Russians, a strike should be averted, if the concern is really about chemical weapons. However if other reasons exist then the strike may possibly take place. (See the Lomax article from 9/10/13 here regarding speculation that the Syrian conflict is possibly a ‘petroleum war’). Before the invasion of Iraq Saddam Hussein was told to hand over his non-existent weapons of mass destruction or face war. Because his weapons did not exist he could not comply and war was launched.


“Today’s development should make Members of Congress more willing to vote yes,” McCain and Graham said in a joint statement. “This will give the President additional leverage to press Russia and Syria to make good on their proposal to take the weapons of mass destruction out of Assad’s hands” (source: A yes vote at this point would be a dangerous, open-ended commitment to allow Obama to order strikes in Syria at any point.


Americans are already war-weary and tired of the sabre rattling of the Republicans and Democrats, which is one reason why third party and independent candidates have gained ground in the past few elections. The usual allies of the U.S. have backed away from this conflict as Obama has been powerless to gather commitment from other countries to support the effort. No word from the state department or Obama administration on whether the conflict is spurred by a YouTube video.