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-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
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September 23, 2013 – Hailed by former president George W. Bush and president Barak Obama as a religion of peace, islamics have once again began killing those who refuse to convert to the muslim faith. News reports over the weekend made mention that terrorists who stormed a mall in Nairobi, Kenya were ordered to kill Christians and any other non-muslims present. Many in the mall were held captive but the Kenyan military began a counter assault. By this morning it is believed that many of the hostages are free.

Over the past thirty years American officials have referred to this action by the term “ethnic cleansing” in an effort to divert attention from the muslim faith and consider the acts a social problem. Secular humanists specifically cannot deal with terrorism because it includes religious teachings, which is contrary to humanist ideology. Therefore the only out is to consider terrorism a socio-economic issue.

No word yet whether or not the attack was spurred by a YouTube video. The lack of concern may be due to the “what difference does it make?” attitude coined by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton following the Benghazi debacle. Clinton is favored by Leftists as a potential candidate for president during the next election cycle. If Clinton wins, problems in the middle-east may be met with apathy. After all, “what difference does it make?”

Over the weekend Lomax street interviewees commented “We should pull out of the middle-east and leave those people alone” said one person. Another commented “the middle-east is sacred ground where Jesus walked. We need to leave that place.” Americans are war-weary with talks of bombing Syria. The Kenyan muslim uprising appears to have made people more skeptical of dealings in that region of the world.

Muslim terrorism currently keeps the CIA and FBI busy since the April bombings in Boston. FBI officials had cleared the Boston Bombers as non-threatening even after Russian authorities notified them that they may be radicalized. It is now known that the two terrorist brothers had practiced jihad by nearly beheading a person in Boston a couple of years earlier. Recently it was revealed that the NSA and other agencies have been scanning the phones of American citizens in an effort to root out terrorists. The actions gave rise to concern because they were approved in secrecy by a special court and violate the constitutional rights of American citizens. In the words of Hillary, “what difference does it make?”

Kenya: muslims Target Specifically Christians