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July 18, 2016 – Today at the Republican convention the ‘Never Trump’ movement brought disruption to the convention floor. In an interview with C-SPAN, Kendal Unrah guaranteed further disruption and that the ‘protest’ would continue. Kendal Unrah is a Colorado Republican delegate and leader of the so-called ‘Free the Delegates’ movement, in an effort to unseat Donald Trump as the party’s nominee. Unrah told C-SPAN that Trump has not ‘earned the support of minorities and has not earned the support of minorities.’ The statement is sure to be loved by the Hillary Clinton campaign and will aid her in the November election.

During the campaign the two main issues that has divided the Republican party, and seems to side with Clinton, are ‘free trade’ and immigration control. Trump has called for strong enforcement of immigration laws and also to re-negotiate trade deals that have slaughtered the American economy. Kendal Unrah speaks similar rhetoric as Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Barak Obama.