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January 20, 2018 – Dr. Jack Van Impe released a video today saying that signs in recent events indicate that the return of Jesus Christ is near. Christians refer to this as ‘End Times’ and Van Impe correlates Bible prophecy and current events. Jack Van Impe is a Christian minister who has been in the ministry for over 70 years and has been known for memorizing much of the Bible. Also, he has done intense study on the islamic koran.


Signs: This past week many in the Detroit area felt their homes rattle and saw a flash in the sky as a meteor passed close to earth. Van Impe was able to correlate this to New Testament scripture that foretells of events like this in the End Times. Also, recently, an error sent an Incoming Missile alert to residents in Hawaii, causing much alarm. A similar event took place in Japan, although it was not mentioned much in the news. Jack Van Impe, and his wife, Rexella, discussed these events in correlation to Matthew 24:6  “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars”(KJV).


Rexella Van Impe, during the program, highlighted headlines of current news events. One in particular mentioned that Russia has made a deal to supply Turkey with missiles. Also, it was discussed that Iran may have the ability to kick-off production of weapons-grade uranium.  Another headline shows that Palestinians threatened President Trump for his recognition of the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Headlines also indicate that an alliance may be forming with Russia, Iran, North Korea and China.


The Van Impes discussed ongoing persecution of Christians around the globe. It was detailed that 75% of victims of religious persecution are Christians. In the report, various instances of persecution were discussed. In Nigeria, 48 Christians were murdered by muslims in raids that wrecked 249 homes. In Cairo, Egypt, gunmen killed nine, including police, in attacks on a Christian church.


As islam has spread, governments around the world have taken action against Christians. In Egypt, Christian churches have been closed due to government’s discriminatory practices.  In Bolivia, evangelism has been outlawed and the same has occurred in Nepal, which has also outlawed religious conversion. Highlighting this is the practice of ‘Fatah’ by muslims. Fatah is defined as: “immigrating into a country in numbers large enough to effect the culture, taking advantage of tolerant laws and accommodative policies, inserting the influence of islam. It is a slow, systematic and unrelenting method.”


During the January 20th program, Jack Van Impe stated that he has lined up the ability to have his program heard in every nation on the face of the earth.


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