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September 19, 2016 – Over the past weekend muslim terrorists struck multiple targets in the United States. On Saturday a bomb exploded prematurely near the track of a charity run for Marines and other devices were found in the area as well. On Saturday night a bomb exploded in the Chelsea edition of New York and other devices were found. On Sunday a muslim terrorists attacked citizens in a mall in Minnesota and today news reports that devices were found near a subway.

The attacks come after multiple attacks in Europe, where ISIS declared they would be working to spread terrorism in the United States. ISIS claimed responsibility for the Minnesota attacks and an Afghan immigrant is being sought in connection with the remainder of the incidents over the weekend.

On Saturday Donald Trump, while beginning a campaign rally, told the crowd that ‘a bomb went off in New York’ sparking outcries from liberals that Trump said a bomb went off when a bomb went off. Progressives took to media comment sections on the internet condemning Trump for saying a bomb went off, when indeed a bomb went off. Over the past year Donald Trump has drawn heat for calling for a pause to the immigration system until modern vetting procedures, hardware and software are in place. Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush banded together to call Trump ‘racist’ for calling for a pause in immigration. It is interesting to note that the responsible terrorist for the bulk of this weekend’s bombings was brought in through the current ineffective vetting system which Obama, Clinton, Bush and Cruz support.