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INSPECTOR GENERAL: Senior IRS Officials Knew Of Targeting Patriots, Conservatives, Constitutionalists

May 13, 2013 - A draft report from the inspector general reports that senior officials within the IRS knew of targeting of conservative & patriot groups, contradicting reports from the Obama administration. In a press conference Monday 5/13/13 president Obama says he wants to hold those accountable who are guilty of wrong doing, an about face from his stance on the Benghazi scandal.

As early as 2011 the IRS began targeting groups who promote values of the constitution, bill of rights and conservative ideology by delaying approval for tax-exempt status and dogging their application process. In Sunday’s Fox News morning show one commentator said that the IRS was asking for names of relatives, donor lists and other private information from those applying to register their organization. Some groups are being represented by the American Center For Law and Justice ( and expect that those responsible be held accountable.

Research in to this scandal shows that the practice began as early as 2011, the same year the FBI cleared the Boston bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother, as non-threatening. Also during 2011 the Tsarnaev brothers were practicing on how to carry out jihad by murdering and partially beheading three men in the area.