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Obama Turns Blind Eye to Human Rights, Negotiates With Iran

November 28, 2013 – Over the past couple of weeks the Obama administration has been in negotiations with Iran over the Iranian nuclear program. At the heart of the negotiations is the effort to thwart the number one terrorist supplier from obtaining a nuclear weapon. All the while president Obama and his administration have turned a blind eye to religious and political hostages, which are American citizens, being held in Iran.

A couple of years ago Christian pastor Saeed Abedini made a trip to Iran to finalize the building of orphanages in the country. Abedini had worked to comply with the Iranian government throughout the process. However, because he had also worked with Christian churches in the country, he was arrested as a threat to Iranian national security. His religious beliefs were at the center of the charges. Abedini has since been sentenced to prison there and has endured torture and beatings because of his Christian beliefs.
Saeed Abedini with Wife and kids.
During the reign of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, no mention of Saeed Abedini was made. However, one glimmer of hope was given when John Kerry took the helm as Secretary and he called for Saeed’s release. Since then, though, no more mention has been made by the Obama administration. The left has turned a blind eye to the situation, not acknowledging the human rights issue at stake, probably because Christianity is at the heart of the matter. Many in America wonder at the hypocrisy of the Left in not acknowledging this human rights violation. Bigotry against those of the Christian religion is rampant among the so-called ‘tolerant’ in America. Others wonder that if Abedini had been of a different religion if the Left would have gotten involved.

Leftists in America have a history of standing against those of the Christian faith. During the Clinton years the U.S. military was sent to back islamics against Orthodox Christians in Bosnia. Throughout the past thirty years many media outlets and the U.S. government referred to the term “ethnic cleansing” which was nothing more than muslims killing people who refused to convert to islam. Also the term included muslims who killed other muslims deemed as too liberal, as in the Sunni/Shiite conflicts globally. Ethnic Cleansing waters down the truth and denies the problem of religion at the heart of the problem. Humanists cannot equate the issues of extremist islam in relation to religion because humanism does not acknowledge religion. Therefore all issues, in the eyes of humanists, must be related to a social or economic problem instead of religious.

The American Center For Law and Justice – ACLJ – has been very involved in the Saeed Abedini case. It was noted on a recent television interview that the only hostage mentioned by the U.S. government to the Iranian regime was a former FBI agent working as a private investigator who is believed to be imprisoned in Iran. No mention of Abedini’s case has been made during the negation process between the U.S. and Iran.

Leftist have been called to task in the Saeed Abedini case as they have not acknowledged this issue. No outcries for human rights activists such as Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, who are supposed Christian leaders. Perhaps the problem with Jackson and Sharpton is that there is no money to be made in the Abedini case. Other media activists such as Soledad O’Brien and Piers Morgan have been painfully silent in Abedini’s defense, even though severe human rights violations have been committed.