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Clinton Testifies On Benghazi: Denies Cover-up, Says It Doesn't Matter

01-23-2013 – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified today in hearings investigating the failure of the Obama
administration to secure the embassy in Libya. On September 11th of 2012 terrorists attacked the embassy
killing three people, one of whom was an American ambassador. During the weeks preceding the attack it
appears the State Department ignored obvious signs of threat to the embassy and continued to relinquish
security to the Libyan police. Requests for help from the embassy were ignored by Clinton’s office leaving the
ambassador and staff at the mercy of muslim terrorists.

During the testimony Hillary Clinton portrayed herself as confused following the attack and uncertain if it was
even a real attack. Following the fall of the embassy the administration tried blaming the murders and attacks
as simply protests that went awry. Blaming the attack on an obscure, little seen YouTube video, was the immed-
iate response. Later the Obama administration, following the 2012 elections, said they were unsure of the cause
of the attacks and has continued that as their excuse.

During testimony Clinton took jabs at Republicans as part of Washington’s usual political ploys. Clinton jabbed at Senator John McCain about Republicans’ lack of aid following hurricane Sandy, which in no way was tied to the embassy attack. Appearing vulnerable, Clinton pursued “politics” in light of questioning about failures on the part of the administration.

Following the attack of the embassy in Libya the State Department acted on 29 recommendations submitted by an independent board. It is not clear if the 29 items were addressing obvious failures which should have been seen by the State Department prior to the embassy murders, or if they were issues that could only be noticed following such an attack. Time will tell if the Obama administration admits to its failures regarding the embassy or continues to cover-up by ludicrous tactics such as blaming an obscure YouTube video.

During testimony Clinton told congress that she felt it was unimportant to concentrate why the attack happened. This response was to questions leading up to accountability for the failure to protect the embassy. Responding to questions, Clinton also said that they are still trying to figure out what happened and why. The answers coming from Secretary Clinton left many wondering if she will ever tell the truth or continue to play politics with sad and harsh situations like the Benghazi attack. It is rumored that Hillary Clinton is slated to run for president in 2016.