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September 19, 2016 - Today, ahead of a speech to try to win back Bernie Sander’s supporters, Hillary Clinton flipped and began following Donald Trump’s lead to put better vetting practices in place. Just as Ted Cruz flipped on the issue, Clinton is now calling for a stronger visa program. “I am in favor of…. tough vetting… we need a better visa system” Clinton said in the press conference today, echoing Donald Trump’s proposals from last year. During Trump’s proposal Clinton banned with Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz to call Trump’s idea racist in nature. Recent polling shows that voters believe Trump has a stronger hand in national security, and Clinton is now taking on the mantle of tougher vetting that Trump called for.

During the press conference Hillary Clinton refused to acknowledge that islam has a problem with spurring terrorism and also renewed claims that Donald Trump is being used as a recruiting tool. Clinton also stated that she has had a hand in many of the decisions made to date in dealing with terrorism. Because of this, some in the media are speculate she is saying “vote for me so that what I have already done doesn’t get worse.”

In reading from the pre-written, scripted press conference, Clinton failed to give any specifics on how she would work to safeguard America from terrorism. In the past she has called any critics of islam ‘racists’ and vowed to not offend the muslim community by saying there is a problem within. Clinton closed her book and then went on to trying to regain some of the Sanders support that she has given a cold shoulder, until polls began changing in Trump’s favor.