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Does Hillary Clinton Have Credibility Issues?

May 26, 2016 – Today Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination by attaining the number of delegates needed. In the face of Trump’s victory, Hillary Clinton appears to be the eventual nominee of the Democrat Party. With Debbie Wasserman on the ropes, having calls within the DNC for her to be fired, Clinton may be facing a tirade of credibility issues.


Email: Over the past many months Clinton has come under increasing scrutiny for her use of a private email server in which it is believed that classified government information was held. Besides this concern, it was announced this evening that videos of aids to Clinton being questioned by federal investigators will be held secret, leaving many to question further her credibility and if a ‘cover-up’ is being perpetrated.


Benghazi: During the questions asked by congressmen over the Benghazi cover-up, it was made clear that Hillary Clinton knew outright that the attack on the Consulate was an act of terror. However, for weeks following the attack, Clinton and insider politicians publically claimed it was just a protest over an obscure video on YouTube. It was discovered that the video was unknown to the public until the Clinton cover-up was perpetrated. Clinton’s cover-up of the terrorist attack has left many democrats and independent voters leery of voting for Clinton, which is considered one of the chief reasons for ‘outsiders’ like Donald Trump being popular this voting season.


IRS: While Clinton had no direct ties to the scandal involving the IRS’s attacks on conservative groups, independent and some democrat voters are becoming concerned that the DNC has veered too far toward leftist and oppressive ideology.


Clinton Foundation: Over the past several years it has been found that the Clinton foundation is little more than an unregistered lobbying group, selling access to political insiders who are willing to take the payoffs of special interest groups and foreign nations. Hillary Clinton has been front and center to much of the concerns over the foundation and many on the left even question the use of foundation assets for personal use.


Wall Street: Over the decades it has been well established that Clinton has made good money in real estate, stocks and futures trading. Clinton took advantage of insider information years ago and made money from cattle futures. Over the decades real estate deals, speaking fees and so on have always been end-roads for Clinton to make money, not to mention contributions by big Wall Street firms giving money to her campaign, the Clinton foundation and so on.


This list is only a few things to be found when analyzing data available on Hillary Clinton, which has left many Democrats and Independents walking toward Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

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