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December 27, 2013 – Hillary Clinton is touted as a Democrat party favorite in the 2016 presidential election cycle. In order to win the nomination, yet alone the presidency, Clinton will have numerous hills and obstacles to overcome.

----Hillary-Care/Obama-Care: When running against Barak Obama for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton stumped on the idea of mandatory health insurance coverage. Then-presidential hopeful Obama countered Clinton by saying “the problem has not been that the federal government hasn’t mandated coverage, the problem is that health insurance is just too expensive.” As we know Obama flip-flopped and pushed an agenda along the lines of what Clinton had proposed.

HillaryCare/Obamacare has turned out to be a total debacle. Many, many Americans have had their insurance cancelled and the website has been a disaster. The Affordable Care Act banked on younger Americans enrolling in what turns out to be substandard policies and they have remained on the sidelines. If Hillary Clinton runs for nomination she will have this huge debacle to overcome.

----Benghazi: While testifying before congress Hillary Clinton made her infamous “What difference does it make?” speech that has left Americans bewildered at her cold attitude. Americans get concerned when fellow Americans are murdered and one of our embassies is overtaken. And the fact that she was front and center in the stonewalling and cover-up adds to the obstacles she will have to maneuver around. After all, no one really fell for the YouTube video as a cause for the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi.

----Globalism/Globalist Agenda: Over the decades the Clintons have been an advocate of globalism. Leftists in America have promoted United Nations’ Agenda 21, commonly known as “Sustainable Development”. Federal regulations have been consistently altered to comply with Agenda 21 and also European codes. All blame cannot be placed on the Left as many Republicans concur with the globalist ideology. During George W. Bush’s term, he promoted an idea of selling American shipping ports to Saudi Arabia, which would have actually made those ports Saudi soil. This would have given a toe hold for American courts to be forced to rule by islamic law.

During the past twenty years American manufacturing has consistently left our shores and gone to developing countries, leaving millions of Americans jobless. Over the past six years the American economy has increasingly become dependent on global economies around the world. Now the idea of ‘bitcoin’ poses the opportunity for a global currency. The globalist agenda will be yet one more hurdle for Hillary Clinton to overcome. However, Republicans have played a role in the globalist agenda as well, so they will have some hard rows to hoe also.

----Socialist Social Reform: The Clintons have been very active within the United Nations, which has pursued lax attitudes toward terrorist nations such as Iran and also promoted a humanist agenda globally. Over the past year humanists have become more and more militant while oppressing free speech and exercise of religion, especially in America. The socialist ideology promoted by the Left has consistently caused problems here in America, therefore creating yet another obstacle for Hillary Clinton.

As the next presidential election cycle begins, it will be interesting to see how both Republicans and Democrats overcome the obstacles they have created. The past two presidential election cycles saw increasing pressure from independent and third-party candidates.

Ron Paul was a contender for the Republican nomination. However, being a Libertarian, he was essential locked out by the two-party system. Overall Americans have sought out alternative candidates to vote for, but when going to the poles have backed down in order to elect candidates to defeat the party they do not favor. This in itself creates the deadlock that keeps other candidates out of office.

Americans, though, have increasingly put “their money where their mouth is” and voted for third party or independent candidates. As people gather the backbone to vote for these alternative candidates, Democrats and Republicans will be forced to review their strategy and message. After all, the two party system comprised of Democrats and Republicans have created the mess that we are in.

(Note: The Lomax Report urges you to consider third-party and independent candidates during the next election cycle.)