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-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
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December 21, 2012 – on Tuesday 12-18-12 Larry Pratt was asked to appear on Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss the issue of gun control. During the interview Morgan, a British citizen working in America became very irritated with Pratt and the American way of life. Morgan has expressed dissatisfaction with the way America handles gun laws and is critical of the culture in the United States. He just doesn’t mind coming here to make a living.

During the debate Pratt expressed a common concern for many Americans, the fact that “gun free zones” such as public schools allow predators to pick off whom they wish. Morgan tried to portray old England as a land of peace, milk and honey while the U.S. is the old west. However Pratt debunked the claim by pointing out that the U.K. leads Europe in the number of violent crimes per capita, surpassing that of the United States. Morgan evaded this fact continually.

Piers Morgan being on American television is just another symptom of the Europeanization of America. Wingers from the left have pushed for the secular humanist ideology of Europe for the past several decades, even though it is ripe with bigotry against certain groups. In Europe bigotry against those who hold to religious beliefs such as Christianity rages. In March 2011 a court denied a couple the ability to foster a child because of they attend church. The court told the couple that Britain is “a secular state, not a theocracy,” and that they could not be allowed to foster because of their religious attendance.

A big danger in embracing the European mindset is that the laws there are different than those of the United States of America. The constitution of the United States allows one to have individuality, seek his own fortune and live the American dream has one sees fit. This scares the globalist mentality of totalitarianism which controls individuals’ lifestyles and livelihood.

GUN CONTROL DEBATE RAGES: Secular Humanist Agenda At Heart Of Left