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Giffords Shooting Information Released: Drug & Mental Issues To Blame

March 27, 2013 – Today files were released in the shooting of former congress-woman Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Giffords that revealed a history of mental illness and drug abuse. With gun control advocates using this as a main talking point, it will be hard now for them to continue to do so. With family and former college officials’ statements, it is clear the problem was mental health issues that had not been addressed properly.

In the 3,000 or so pages of documents, statements from Jared Loughner’s mother shows that he had a history of using marijuana and cocaine. At one point he was kicked out of community college because his behavior had become so odd that officials were afraid he would do something bad. The college officials also recommended that his parents take any weapons away from him, which they promptly did.

Loughner’s father said he was unable to communicate with his son. He said that Jared Loughner had become disconnected and wouldn’t even talk to them. Unfortunately at this point his parents did nothing to get mental help for their son and he continued to drift into a clouded mental state.

One of Jared Loughner’s friends said the same, that he had become mentally disconnected from society and wouldn’t even speak. He said that Loughner, when they met in a store, Loughner would only make facial expressions but not reply to any verbal communication.

The situation with the Giffords shooting remains a poster-child for the government gun control community. Even of late Giffords’ husband has been in the news stumping for more laws to be added to the books. However, with the information released there are many questions to be answered regarding culture concerns and mental health concerns in the United States, that may make gun control advocates a little embarassed.

Recently the NRA, Gun Owners of America and National Association For Gun Rights (NAGR) have been under fire for their support of the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Gun control advocates want guns removed from society so that Americans can become like Europe. However those who have been to England and other European countries say that crime, including violent crime, there is horrible. Those travelers said that they returned hastily to the United States for a safer environment.

In December 2012 CNN’s Piers Morgan, a British citizen, was very vocal about how the United States culture was so terrible when it comes to guns. However, it was noted that Morgan had left Britain for the United States after being fired in England for ethics violations on his job there. Other staunch gun control advocates have face similar scrutiny when their past is examined. With front-men like Morgan and the facts similar to the Giffords case brought to light, the gun control crowd may have a difficult time saving face and presenting their cause earnestly. Some gun control advocates have mentioned a concern that they may have been on the wrong side of the issue.