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April 5, 2018 – Reports show that Germany is self-destructing under the weight of the influx of muslim migrants and poor leadership on behalf of Angela Merkel. In places rape has increased by 670 percent while acid attacks and other forms of violence have increased dramatically. Unemployment is 70.8 percent, sharply up from the 2012 report of 40.6 percent. Those who do have jobs are working well past 70 years old in order to survive, and pensioners supplement their income by picking up bottles, which is sometimes punished by the government. In order to have security and safety, civil liberties have been infringed upon.


Germany has taken in vast amounts of muslims from islamic-sharia ran nations. Radical islamists have vowed to spread the radical religion worldwide as political and economic globalist supporters vie for a world without borders. As muslim migrants have been largely taken in, in the EU, crime has drastically increased. Radical muslims have begun using Fatah as a means of imposing islam and shria in nations around the world.


FATAH, an Arabic term meaning ‘Infiltration’ is defined in various Arabic dictionaries and writings as “immigrating into a country in numbers large enough to effect the culture, taking advantage of tolerant laws and accommodative policies, inserting the influence of islam. It is a slow, systematic and unrelenting method”.


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Top: muslims confront German authorities
Bottom: Angela Merkel