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July 29, 2016 – In the town of Troisdorf, Germany a muslim man visiting a surgeon became enraged and tried to behead a surgeon. The 19-year old islamic man had broken his leg earlier in the year and had made a full recovery. However he returned to the doctor claiming to have pain. When the doctor told him specific exercises to do to strengthen the leg, he became enraged and left, returning with two other muslim men. With kife in hand he threatened the doctor, however officials arrive to quell the scene.

Violence has increased worldwide where muslim ‘refugees’ have been taken in following years of unrest in the Middle-East. In 2012 violence erupted in Syria following efforts of the Obama-Clinton administration to topple both Libyan and Syrian leadership. As a result refuges have poured from the region into much of Europe, where violence and islamic attacks have increased drastically. ISIS said earlier that they fully intended to infiltrate nations by means of Fatah and through the migrants posing as refugees.

Here in the U.S. a debate on halting immigration, until better methods of vetting are implemented, has been ongoing. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken the lead worldwide in working to halt the infiltration of the United States by islamic radicals bent on terrorism in America. Candidate Hillary Clinton has not mentioned any effective means of handling the issue. Democrat leaders in the Obama administration have said the best methods they could think of was to show “love and compassion” to islamic jihadists, hoping they would not kill more U.S. citizens.
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