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July 15, 2013 - Following the jury verdict this Saturday when George Zimmerman was found innocent,
the nation seemed to be in turmoil. Some could not believe that he was found not guilty and others were
satisfied with the verdict. However one thing remains clear, the divide in the public is great, but why?

Following this trial NAACP president Benjamin Jealous contacted Eric Holder, head of the Department
of Justice, and asked that the feds investigate the Zimmerman-Martin case for federal prosecution. This
is according to CBS’s Charlie Kaye Twitter account. The average citizen may not be able to contact Holder,
but the head of a race-based organization certainly can. And with many in the black community upset, the
feds may react to the pressure. The Obama administration does not appear to be able to handle pressure
well. Following the Benghazi attacks the administration flooded the air waves with stories and excuses,
topped with Hillary Clinton’s “what does it matter” reply to congress. But will a real and meaningful
discussion of race finally take place?

One person interviewed Sunday made a statement on camera that she felt racism was worse now than in years past. One has to question if this perception is a reality or a false perception based on race-baiters like Al Sharpton who inserted himself into the Zimmerman case. NBC will likely be sued by Zimmerman because of their editing of the 911 call to appear as though Zimmerman profiled Martin because of his race. If a meaningful dialogue takes place, it will have to be without the interference of race-based groups and leaders like Sharpton, the NAACP, Jessie Jackson and others who profit from race-baiting. Citizens will have to come together for a discussion and accept facts as facts and not play on emotions fed by baiters and misinformation.

Journalists may have to once again return to true journalism instead of tabloid reporting. NBC will likely be sued for altering the 911 call to make it appear that racial profiling took place. HLN’s Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell may also be in the spotlight because all though the trial they hyped the case along with parent network CNN. The days of news reporting seems past and now all that’s left is tabloid style reporting instead of journalistic integrity. For the past decade even FOX News has become a stumping platform for political pundits instead of a true to form news reporting network. Memories of the now defunct ALL NEWS CHANNEL make one pine for the days when you had all the news from America’s hometowns and around the world in thirty minutes.

Another aspect following the Zimmerman trial is the question of the Florida governor succumbing to political pressure and fear, thus appointing a “special prosecutor” to investigate the case. The police had investigated and found no evidence to substantiate cause for arrest. A review by the prosecutor came to the same conclusion and the jury reached the same. Does this mean that political dislike for a person or group can now be grounds for arrest? Would that not mean that the past several presidents would be subject to arrest simply because many in the public hold them in poor view? Our country is deeply divided on political grounds and many of one party may have strong dislike for politicians in the opposing party.

The discussion of politics and special interests involving the justice system should happen in the near future. A slippery slope may have been traversed when Zimmerman was arrested and only bad things could happen if the constitutional rights of the individual citizen can be relegated. America needs to make a strong commitment to the constitution and patriotism of generations past in order to move forward in a positive way.

Finally, the public must decide whether or not to accept jury verdicts in the future. Following the trial several news reporters asked that if the races were reversed, would the same verdict be handed down. This question shows a great disdain for the justice system in the U.S. Also the overtone is that the jury dismissed all facts and evidence to express some sort of racial bias. One commentator on the Fox News show ‘Huckabee’ mentioned that this shows a great gender bias and is in itself a civil rights violation. To assume that a jury of women cannot make a sensible verdict is just wrong, and groups like the NAACP, being concern with civil rights issues, should of all people, support the decision of the jury.