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Top: Donald Trump
Second: Progressive-Globalist Hillary Clinton
Third: Progressive-Globalist Megan Kelly
Fourth: Progressive-Globalist Paul Ryan


October 30, 2016 – Over the election cycle Fox News has had a bittersweet relationship with Donald Trump and his campaign. During the early debate season among Republicans Trump and Fox News darling Megan Kelly sparred over Trumps criticism of militant lesbianRosie O’Donnell. Kelly and Trump sparred over the following week until Roger Aisles called Trump and Kelly on the carpet and doused the flames of the controversy.


Following the first debate Trump had garnered support among the Fox News hosts, with Sean Hannity,Bill O’Reilly and others carrying forward the message of Americana that Trump has built. However, when Aisles was ousted from the organization amid allegations of sexual improprieties, the mood at Fox began to change slowly but eventually drastically.


Greta Van Susteren left the network and said that ‘for some time now, Fox has not felt like home’. Bill O’Reilly has been less supportive of Trump and Megan Kelly has been let off the leash to whine and complain about Trump during her nightly broadcasts. Only Sean Hannity remains faithful to the cause of Trump. And over at Fox News, Lou Dobbs continues to carry on the mantle of ‘Americana’ and talk of freedom each night on his broadcast. But what is the message that is being fought so fiercely against by CNN, NBC, Fox News and more?


Over the past thirty years, Globalist-Progressive ideology has crept into both parties until it is the dominating philosophy of both Democrats and Republicans alike. Career politicians such as Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Nancy Pelosi walk lock-step in their embrace of Progressive-Globalism with only a handful of ‘moral’ issues that separate them. Leaders of both parties subscribe to Progressive-Globalist philosophy on issues like open borders, free trade, immigration reform/amnesty, and a host of other ideas. Also in full agreement are the ideas of cutting Social Security and Medicare for the elderly. The only remaining issues that seem to divide the two parties are abortion and homosexual activism.


Donald Trump has been a controversial figure in American politics for decades and this election cycle he had brought front-and-center the divide over Progressive-Globalism vs Americanism. Trump has drawn the scorn of all news networks now, Fox News included, and has drawn the land in the sand over whether or not we will remain the United States of American or just part of a union of nations in the Western Hemisphere.


In the 1990s Bill Clinton used ‘code speech’ when telling the U.S. that politicians would transform America from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Code speech used in that statement actually meant Progressive-Globalism. And this is the very reason that the Clintons and George H. W. Bush (along with all the Bush family) have remained such good friends. In the 1980s, when George Bush the elder mentioned the New World Order, he was speaking in Progressive-Globalist terms.


In the 1980s and 1990s code speech was the method of shrewd career politicians. During that period the term ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ was tossed about like lettuce at a food fight. Ethnic Cleansing was code speech for islamic jihad, convert or die muslim beliefs. In those days Ethnic Cleansing, or jihad, was taking place in faraway places like Darfur, Sudan and parts of Europe. Americans had no idea what the term meant and really weren’t paying much attention. Fast-forward to today and you now understand firsthand what was taking place in the 1980s-90s and understand exactly the effects of that Code Speech.


Today, Code Speech is being used once again. Terms like ‘free market’ ‘free trade’ ‘immigration reform’ are codes for Progressive-Globalism, meaning open borders, packing away of huge amounts of money and loss of sovereignty. Globalists dreamed for decades of a North American Union with Canada, the United States, Mexico and other nations. Recently it was discovered in Hillary Clinton’s emails that now the goal of Globalists is for the entire Western Hemisphere to be united under one governmental control. And that controlling entity would supersede the Constitution and laws of any nation within that Union. We’ve seen the effects of that in the European Union.


As Democrats and Republicans alike pretend to be concerned about Human Rights, one notes easily that in the EU human and personal rights are little thought of. And Free Speech is out the window as laws in the EU are being passed that prohibit speaking out against muslims or islamic jihad andislamic terrorism. So why is Fox News slipping slowly into the Never-Trump crowd of media outlets?


The CEOs that control the media outlets have seemingly sworn a blood oath to Progressive-Globalism. This ideology will cause the economy of the U.S. to never recover if Hillary Clinton is elected. The Clintons are devout Globalists along with their counterparts in the Republican establishment. And Donald Trump is a threat to that agenda. No matter how badly the American economy suffers, and its people, the dream of a ‘New World Order’ as spoken of by George H. W. Bush is the ultimate goal of Progressive-Globalism and its cheerleaders.