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FISCAL CLIFF: Congress Playing With America's Future

November 29, 2012 – Once again the Republicans and Democrats are playing with America’s future by bringing us
dangerously to the edge of the fiscal cliff. Once over the cliff any advancements in the economy of the United States
will be repealed and thrown back into recessionary ground. So what’s all the hubbub about?

Democrats seem insistent on furthering Obamacare and all that is entailed such as tax increases, cuts to MediCare and
so on. The Republicans want tax cuts for the wealthy while not addressing needs of the middle class – those that work
for a living in America. Also the Republicans are steadfast for cuts to MediCare and Social Security. So how does this
affect the average working citizen?

First the cuts to MediCare and driving upward the age requirement for Social Security means that the elderly will have less
care. This is kind of a hypocrisy on the part of Republicans in that we give numerous nations that are enemies of our nation
billions upon billions, yet claim we can’t take care of our elderly.

Secondly the continued cuts for the wealthy means that the working-class will have to continue to manage the tax burden of the nation, all the while fewer and fewer work. The aristocracies of France and England in the middle ages comes to mind here.

Thirdly, the Democrats in their first-term swing with Obama instituted healthcare reform which added cuts to MediCare. This too is a hypocrisy in that the Democrats have always portrayed themselves as for the poor and needy.

Poor Congressmen? When was the last time you saw a congressman or woman retire from congress poor? With all the perks, the contributory payoffs, and the retirement benefits, anyone leaving congress is automatically on a higher plane financially than the average American citizen. Maybe it’s time for congressional reform.