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Evan McMullin At Work For Hillary

August 15, 2016 – Today presidential “candidate” Evan McMullin was interviewed on Fox News in which he gave his ‘vision’ for his candidacy. Sadly, McMullin’s views are little different than George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton – globalism only.

Evan McMullin is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens and against any deportation of illegal aliens in the U.S. He is for a wall at the southern border only in certain places but his stance overall is nothing more than outlined by establishment candidates which have brought America to where we are. Like Hillary Clinton, he is for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) which is sure to cost Americans more jobs. Like Barak Obama, McMullin is for allowing plenty of muslim ‘refugees’ to enter America. Evan McMullin does not believe ISIS will infiltrate through the refugee program. Although having worked for the CIA, Evan McMullin lacks even the basic understanding of the terror threat against America as he is in favor of allowing Middle-Eastern refugees to freely enter the country.

McMullin spent time in the CIA but also worked for Goldman Sachs and has the backing of establishment insider donors who want a puppet for the status-quo. Prior to this election McMullin has never been used as an expert on any topics and has been unheard of. It is obvious that establishment political insiders have tapped Evan McMullin for the Never Trump candidate, which is greatly in favor of Hillary Clinton.