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January 25, 2014 - While systematically restricting the lives of Americans, the Federal Government has become environmentally unfriendly. Extremists at the EPA have continually pushed legislation that imposes higher taxation and restrictions, yet turns a blind eye to ensuring that the government behaves in a way that is satisfactory to environmentalists.

On December 31, 2013 the last lead smelter in the United States closed for good. New regulations imposed by the federal government via the EPA were so restrictive, there was no financially viable way to bring the plant into compliance with new, hyper-extremist, rules of the agency. Many people lost jobs and the move was hailed by anti-gunners as a win for restricting how ammunition is supplied in America. With the ability to restrict imports, the government now has the means of controlling ammo, because the lead bullet of ammunition will have to be imported. All this was done under the guise of making ammunition more environmentally friendly, or green. However, this is just one example of how the EPA has restricted the lives of Americans.

During the height of the present economic crisis, while America has been bogged down in two wars, with hundreds of American military men and women dead, the EPA pushed regulation that determines the size and type of light bulb you are allowed to have in ceiling fans. Yet one of several means of the EPA being used by the feds as a means of conditioning Americans to the control of the federal government.

In January 2012 socialist Europe, Great Britain specifically, carbon tax permits were being issued to airlines. Press reports state that the first year's permits would be free and each subsequent year's permits would have to be purchased, until all permits were purchased and none given for free. Systematically globalists have used environmetalists as a means of fleecing wealth and implementing control on citizens.

Also in Great Britain, the country hailed by Leftists as the standard for the world, regulations have been imposed on citizens which regulates the temperature you are allowed to keep your home. If you keep it too warm in the winter, that is considered environmentally unfriendly and you are penalized or may face stiffer criminal penalties. If your home is kept too cool in summer, the same applies. Yet another example of government control of the masses.

Back in the U.S. regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency have made it virtually impossible to manufacture small engines. However you may find poorly built imports from third and fourth world countries on any industrial supply store.

While the EPA is so concerned about the lives of American citizens, one dark secret has been revealed. The EPA turns a blind eye to the environmentally unfriendly practices of the federal government. The NSA spy scandal has brought to light that the agency uses an extreme about of natural resources to fuel and cool all the electrronic gadgets used to spy on American citizens.

In the video below you will see some of what we are speaking of. And it begs the question, where's the environmental extremists? Why aren't they whining about this? It's strange that all you have to do is invoke "national security" into a discussion and the topic is closed. Recent Pan-American trade talks have been done in super-secret meetings under the guise of "national security" and even congress is dumb to the content of the agreements being made. See the video below and you will see yet another example of extremist hypocrisy. Perhaps "national security" makes it ok for the federal government to be so environmentally unfriendly.