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Ending Personal Aspirations


November 22, 2014 – Less than a year ago we reported that the last lead smelter was closing due to hyper-regulation by the EPA. As the agency continues out of control, radical, extremist measures are still being taken to hyper-regulate industry and consumer goods. Enter the new lighting and appliance regulations by the federal government’s Energy Department.

On May 16, 2012, announcements were made by the Energy Department that would restrict dishwashers and clothes washers. A look at any retail outlet and you will see droves of consumers dissatisfied with clothes washers on the market today. Concerns range from not getting clothes clean, to long wash times, lack of spin/rinse cycles and more.

In 2007, and again in 2009 the energy department issued regulations on light fixtures available to consumers. Old style, incandescent lights hare quickly vanishing from shelves and being replaced with non-durable “curly” bulbs that last only a tenth of specifications on most boxes.

The Energy Department has also regulated ceiling fans. Now fans contain a limiting switch or fuse, which will blow if you put too big a bulb in the light fixture on the ceiling fan. Fans can also only draw a specific amount of power. Much of this to do, though, has caused some to wonder if a “Europeanization” of America is taking place. Actually, as the U.S. government, and extremists within the parties, edges closer and closer to globalist ideology, the situation is certain to grow worse.

Americans are growing weary of environmental extremism as facts are not adding up to reality. The 2013 deadline for all polar ice to be vanished was completely in error. Instead the ice grew by, some estimates, sixty percent in one summer alone. And what used to be called “global warming” is being remarketed as “climate change” in order to cover errors by environmental extremists. And the dollars supposedly saved by the “efficient” bulbs, washing machines etc., is usually lost completely due to mechanical failure of those items.