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Trump Makes Pre-Presidential Visit to Mexico; Clinton Lost for Answers

August 31, 2016 – Yesterday it was announced that Mexico’s president Pena Nieto invited Donald Trump to come to Mexico and meet with him regarding mutual concerns Mexico has with the United States. Trump accepted the visit and flew to the meeting today and met with Nieto, discussing several matters including NAFTA, national security and immigration concerns. Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has not accepted the invitation at this time and has been absent from the campaign trail, leading to speculation that any meeting would be followed by a press conference, which she has avoided for almost a year.

During the meeting with Mexican president Pena Nieto, Trump was able to negotiate common ground between his campaign and the government of Mexico. In a joint statement, both leaders acknowledged that it was the right of sovereign nations to implement security measures, including building a wall. After the joint statement Trump answered many questions from the press during which Trump explained common ground of issues such as trade, security, drug trafficking and human trafficking. Over the past several decades, Mexico has struggled to control drug cartels which traffic drugs and minor females for sex trade into the United States.

Democrats have struggled to find ways of criticizing Trump on his visit to Mexico. So far Leftists have only complained that Trump wants to secure the border. No word has surfaced of validity from the Clinton campaign. Reports over the past week quote anonymous Clinton insiders who say she is struggling to practice for debating Trump because it is becoming apparent to them, that Trump may have a stronger footing in dealing with matters of foreign affairs.

Two weeks ago Donald Trump flew to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to visit flood victims, bringing a tractor-trailer load of food and supplies, donated from the Trump Organization. While in Louisiana, Trump donated $100,000 to a church which was ruined in flooding and visited with many flood victims. After leaving, an anonymous one million dollar donation was made which some speculate was from Trump. At this point Hillary Clinton has made no contribution and has said she was “monitoring the flooding on Twitter”. After crowds cheered Trump, President Barak Obama, who had said he would not visit Louisiana flood victims, quickly cut his vacation in the posh Martha’s Vineyard area, to fly for a short visit to Louisiana. Following the flooding, and also Trump's visit to Mexico, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton appears to be struggling for answers on how to solve important issues such as disaster and foreign trade and has been sliding steadily in polls.