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September 4, 2015 – Because of his strong stance on tough issues, Donald Trump has come out on top in polls and in the opinion of American citizens. Issues like Social Security, Jobs & Trade, Immigration and the Economy have left the professional politicians like Clinton, Bush and Walker scrambling to make coherent answers to those tough questions. However, none have spoken so clearly as Donald Trump thus far.
Donald Trump Iowa speech. Source YouTube

Social Security.

When checking the 2016 candidates’ stand on the issue of Social Security, both Democrats and Republicans have historically stood for hiking the retirement age. This means that senior die off and draw less from the account. Trump has taken a different position all together, and stands in a “gang of three” who sever ties to the RNC talking points. Trump, along with Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson, are the only candidates who acknowledge that Social Security is fixable without cutting benefits or hiking the retirement age.
As so-called ‘baby-boomers’ retire, Social Security will feel a temporary strain. However, once that cycle is complete, the system is due to level off again. Donald Trump’s strategy is to put Americans back to work again, paying into the system that everyone is drawing upon. Mike Huckabee proposes a flat tax based on spending, much like a sales tax, so that everyone including “prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers, who are leaching off the system, pays for Social Security.” Ben Carson proposes a similar measure in which all people pay a flat percentage of income, with no loop-holes, into the Social Security system.
Social Security is fixable. Beginning at least as early as the 1960s, each administration, and congress, has ‘borrowed’ money from the Social Security trust which has never been paid back. Should congress pay back what has been taken, and a one-time injection of cash, the system will be solvent for multiple generations to come. But professional politicians like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker only spew RNC party talking points like hiking the retirement age and cutting services & benefits to seniors. Because of his stance, Donald Trump has become a viable candidate for the 2016 election and has left Bush and other scrambling to remain relevant.

Jobs and Trade

In the 1980s the Regan administration gave preferred trading status to Japan, which left American electronics manufacturers scrambling to compete. Low wages, poor living conditions at the time in Japan, meant that electronics could be made cheaply. During the Clinton administration the NAFTA agreement meant the same for Mexico, in which many jobs left the U.S. to use impoverished citizens of Mexico working for low wages, raising the profits of companies doing their manufacturing there. Since then India and China have come onto the scene in the same manner, as jobs in the United States have slipped away in order to enhance corporate profits.

Because the United States collects very little in import fees relative to global trade, substandard goods made in, sometimes slave-camp conditions, in second and third world countries are sold at cheap costs in the U.S. And manufacturing companies have loved the profits, albeit at the expense of the working citizen.

Donald Trump wants to re-instate those taxes, or tariffs as they’re called, in order to fund much of the government, instead of reaching into the wallets of working citizens in the U.S. Other candidates have declined to take this stance, as typical RNC and DNC talking points never allow for such ideas. Should Ford, GM and other manufacturers began paying taxes on imported goods, this would not only bring in revenue for the government, but make manufacturing in the U.S. more attractive. And restructuring taxes for businesses would also make manufacturing in the United States a win-win situation.


Should Democrats and Republican partisans not stand in the way of Trump’s plan, manufacturing would rebuild quickly in the U.S. Families working again, making good wages, would tremendously boost the American economy and restore those solidly built products to shelves in stores across the nation.


Donald Trump has opened a can of worms for professional politicians such as Clinton and Bush. The RNC and DNC talking points currently only mutter words that involve instant citizenship for illegal aliens. Donald Trump wants to fix the problem. Also, the U.S. has historically let those who want to destroy the nation waltz right in. Reports this year state that ISIS has its ‘tentacles in all 50 states’ and no one wants to destroy the United States more than ISIS. Because of his courage to speak to the issue, Donald Trump has become a very viable candidate for many Americans.

During the past couple presidential election cycles, candidates have stumped on the idea that we need to ‘roll up our sleeves and make tough decisions.’ However, we seen little in the way of tough choices, instead, more political rhetoric from professional politicians and partisans. While some doubt the abilities of Donald Trump, no one can say that he hasn’t had the courage to take a stand for his gut instinct. And his courage seems to be what resonates with voters. Perhaps the Republican and Democrat parties could take a lesion, because the voters seem to be through with them.