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Democrats Refuse Moment of Silence for Orlando Victims: Forsake LGBT for Party Politics

June 14, 2016 – Today, as members of congress attempted to hold a moment of silence for victims of the terrorist shooting in Orlando, numerous Democrats walked out, refusing to take part. In an effort to politicize the Orlando terrorist attack, Democrat representatives would not speak of terrorism in the United States. Instead, they shouted down the attempt at a moment of silence, turning the event into a debate over gun control instead of mourning the victims. The event seems to signal a turn that the LGBT community is being left behind while Democrats work only for partisan causes.

“I think it was shameful for the Democrats to turn a moment of silence into a political show”, said one person in a street interview by Lomax. Another person commented “I think the Democrats are forgetting who has brought them along over the years, now they’re turning on their own.” A third person commented “the Republicans showed more concern for the victims than those Democrats.”

Today on Fox News’ show The Five a concern was voiced that Democrats seem not to have the backs of the LGBT community as they had in the past. With the current election cycle it has been noted that a diverse number of citizens is crossing party lines in order to vote for Donald Trump. The concern that many have expressed is that political insiders like Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton and others are putting the aspirations of their respective political parties ahead of the citizens they represent.