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Democrats/Progressives Cover For Clinton Corruption Scandal

August 30, 2016 – Today reports show that more emails are set to be released by the FBI, following lawsuits filed under the Freedom of Information Act. The agency has been reluctant to take an active role in investigating Hillary Clinton and also has decided to ‘recommend’ that no charges be filed for Clinton’s illegal use of emails on her personal server. As the scandal continues to grow, Clinton has been keeping herself from public view, cancelling campaign rallies and events. Insiders within the campaign have indicated that Clinton is struggling to ready herself for debates with rival Donald Trump.

Amid all the scandal surrounding Clinton, supporter and corroborator Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is facing an uphill climb in her fight to retain her seat in congress. Over the past year Wasserman has been away from duties in congress, focusing mainly on collaborating with the Clinton campaign, secretly, in efforts to derail Bernie Sanders in the Primary race. Her opponent is gaining substantially in polls and the concern for Wasserman is that she will lose her seat in congress. Speculation is that should Wasserman lose her bid, she would be a paid staffer in the Clinton Foundation, which has taken on scandal-ridden personalities in the past.

Scandals continue to grow over Clinton’s ‘pay for access’ scheme while holding the office of Secretary of State. And with the new emails expected to hold information on Clinton’s Benghazi cover-up, more scandals are likely to occur, which seems to be the way Clinton has continually operated. Over the past week DNC insiders like Donna Brazil have worked media to make excuses for Clinton, however it does not seem to be working because Clinton’s poll numbers have dropped substantially as Americans continue to grow leery of a Clinton presidency.

Over the past few weeks, camera crews visiting Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have shown numerous Democrats flipping to support Trump. While many say they are not supporting the Republican party, each has said they are definitely voting for Trump. Also at many rallies have been Bernie Sanders’ supporters, which Hillary Clinton has made no effort to reach out to. Over the past three months African Americans have started a slow but steady trek toward supporting Donald Trump, which has left the Clinton Campaign nervous about the election.
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