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Criminal Democrat Supporters Raid Trump Rally: Does Clinton-Sanders Condone Criminal Behavior and Rioting?

May 25, 2016 – In a manner reminiscent of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, supposed ‘protestors’ gathered outside a trump rally in New Mexico last night, eventually clashing with police. Today, in Anaheim, California, ‘protestors’ at a Trump rally forced through a barricade to try to enter the building where Donald Trump was hosting a rally. Chanting ‘shut it down’ protestors appeared to want to deny the free speech of Trump and his supporters inside the building to hold a peaceful rally. After the rally the supposed ‘protestors’ began throwing objects at supporters exiting the building. Many of the ‘protestors’ were waving Mexican flags while walking around outside the rally. As of the writing of this article Democrats have not condemned rioting and violence perpetrated by leftist supporters, leaving some to wonder if the Clinton and Sanders camps condone the violence and criminal behavior that has plagued the left. It has been established that many of those committing these acts are being paid by Democrat supporters and organizations.
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