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D.C. Shooter Had Mental Problems: Once Again Mental Issues To Blame For Shooting

September 22, 2013 – The shooting at a Washington DC naval base has left many dead and more injured. Following the shooting it was revealed that the shooter, Aaron Alexis, had been discharged from the military for “infractions” and also had shot into the home of a neighbor. Alexis also had other run-ins with security guards at public locations and had even called police complaining of hearing voices in his closet or coming through walls. Once again leftist figures such as Pierce Morgan are refueling the gun-debate in the U.S. but not addressing the lack of care for the mentally ill in America.

In debates on news channels liberals and leftists are screaming that the AR-15 should be removed, yet Aaron Alexis did not use the AR-15. Instead he took a shotgun, sawed the butt and barrel, and used it to murder several people. Others are concerned over why Alexis was not under the care of physicians for his mental state.

More info also reveals that after being kicked out of the military he then contracted as a computer specialist to the U.S. military. At no time did a red-flag go up concerning Alexis’ employment which allowed him to have security clearance to freely enter the base. The day of the shooting he was not frisked as he entered.

In recent shootings over the past couple of years most perpetrators were found to have severe mental illness with no professional care. Gabby Giffords, former congress-woman from Arizona was shot in the head by a mentally unstable individual who was not under the care of professionals. While leftists such as Pierce Morgan (not a U.S. citizen) will only acknowledge the use of a firearm, they refuse to acknowledge the plight of the mentally ill in the U.S. and Great Britain.