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American Missing Since 2004 Believed to be Kidnapped by Socialist Dictator Kim Jong Un

September 3, 2016 – Reports surfaced this week that an American student that went missing in 2004 is alive, being forced to work in North Korea by Socialist dictator Kim Jong Un. In 2004, while hiking in China, it is believed that then 24 year old David Sneddon was seized by North Korean agents and has been forced to tutor Kim Jong Un in English. At the time authorities feared he had killed in a fall from a cliff, although at the time the explanation did not seem plausible. Under the globalist regimes of Bush and Obama, little has been done. Claims that the U.S. State Department is ‘monitoring the situation’ has yielded no results and authorities could not figure out what happened to Sneddon.

Since David Sneddon went missing there has been little to nothing said regarding the case. Current Secretary of State John Kerry has not mentioned Sneddon and while in office, Hillary Clinton never took action, leaving many to question the effectiveness of the State Department. American pastor Saeed Abedini was kidnapped by Iranians and spent several years in a jail while Clinton and Kerry never mentioned the case.

Sneddon’s case is just one of many, where American citizens have been kidnapped or held as political prisoners in foreign nations. In China, North Korea, Iran and many other nations around the world Christians are jailed or assassinated because of their faith while U.S. government officials remain silent and at times even negotiate deals with those regimes. Over the past year presidential hopeful Donald Trump has begun a dialogue, bringing the issue to light. Hillary Clinton seldom, if ever, will acknowledge that Christians and political activists are being jailed or killed around the world.
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