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Christian Persecution, islam, persecution, sharia, Honor Killing, Wife Beating, Trump, Pew Poll
December 8, 2015 - Namusisi Birye of Uganda was beaten by her muslim parents for abandoning her muslim faith and converting to Christianity. As seems to be the culture of the islamic religion, women and children, especially girls, are beaten routinely as a part of the religion as permitted by sharia law. More on the story here.

Last night during a press conference, Donald Trump gave numbers from a Pew poll where 51% of muslims living in the United States said they should be allowed to live under rule of sharia law. 25% of those muslims polled said that they believe violence against the United States is justified. Progressives, who have been staunchly supportive of muslim religion in America, have yet to challenge the numbers and have remained silent.
Recently Trump proposed banning muslims from entering the U.S., which has drawn criticism from professional politicians like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. RNC and DNC parties appear supportive of muslim influence in America, which has many citizens concerned for the future of the country, and seems why support is building for candidates like Donald Trump.