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July 25, 2013 – President Obama and Senate leaders said they would not accept anything short of a clean debt-limit increase, according to reports. House Speaker John Boehner indicated that a clash between House Republicans and the White House-Senate will occur if spending cuts are not put in place. However, as usual, Republicans vow to make those cuts in the areas of Social Security and Medicare, calling them “entitlement programs.”

Over the past few years Republicans have pressured congressional Democrats to make cuts to programs that benefit the elderly, all the while continuing to approve other spending measures and financial giveaways to foreign countries. But Democrats nor Republicans fail to make mention of meaningful cuts to spending that would put the U.S. on track to balancing the budget, not to mention pay off the debt.

On July 18 Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., told reporters “Attaching other issues to the debt ceiling is playing with fire.” However American citizens are not buying into the hype as they’ve heard it before. In March of this year “sequestration” began, which is a process of automatic spending cuts, amid much hype that the result would be economic downfall. In reality no difficulties have arisen from the sequestration that have effected everyday life in the country. However this does not negate the issues that Republicans cause by inserting cuts to programs for the elderly.

Here of late a House panel responsible for funding the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved a measure with deep cuts that prompted a strong outcry from Democrats in congress. Democrats appear determined to spend wildly on EPA measures, some of which appear to be hindering manufacturing in the U.S. One small engine manufacturer commented that “it is almost impossible to build small engines in the U.S. anymore because of the EPA.” However imports of cheaply built Chinese and Indian engines have soared in the last decade.

While the usual debacle in American politics has taken place the House has begun debates on a $600 billion measure for funding the pentagon and the war in Afghanistan. With all the tax-payer money being blown in Washington, it is little question if labor morale will continue to drop across the nation.

Republicans & White House Vow Standoff Over Debt Limit Increase: Repubicans Vow Cuts To Medicare and Social Securiy