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-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
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BUYING CONGRESS: Payoffs To Politicians Revealed


October 27, 2012 – The movie Casino Jack is one of the most telling tales of corruption in

Washington, D.C. For an education in politics, forget the degree in political science and study

the real-life adventures of money flowing to congressmen by watching Casino Jack and taking



As a close second, the fictional movie, though seasoned with truth, is Eddie Murphy’s

The Distinguished Gentlemen. This movie also shows the many ways that congress gets rich

in Washington through corruption.


The biggest con game, a real ‘get rich quick’ scheme that works, is to become a member of the Congress of the United States. In Casino Jack, the biographical account of world class lobbyist Jack Abramoff, it is revealed how congressmen are lavished upon by lobbyists. Often times politicians are given huge cash donations, given all-expense-paid trips and tons of other perks. All this for the direction of their vote on issues, which often short-changes the American public.


While reform is needed in Washington, new blood is too. The days of lifetime politicians should pass and term limits be enacted which could prohibit congress being paid-off.