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-exerpt from the movie "A Man Called Peter"
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December 31, 2011 - On December 8, 2011 a German environmental authority began notifying
airlines globally about the number of carbon dioxide certificates they will receive yearly. This is to
prepare the airline industry for their inclusion in the European Union’s cap and trade scheme of CO2


According to the Federal Environment Authority, known as Umweltbundesamt, there will be about

42.8 million CO2 certificates handed out in 2012. These CO2 allowance certificates have a value

of around 3 billion Euros, which says that there may be big money to be made eventually in CO2

allowance certificates marketing. It’s strange how CO2 allowances have a price figure attached,

which cause people to question what exactly the money would be spent for.


As our world goes more and more on an ‘environmental craze’ we have to pause to consider whether or not it is just a global marketing scheme. In the past ten years so called ‘green initiatives’ have gained momentum globally. In certain parts of the U.S. it is now illegal to use lawn mowers that have engines, but must have electric motors. Beginning in 2012 some of the most stringent EPA standards go into effect which have caused manufacturers to re-design all kinds of goods, from generators to pressure washers to diesel engines for agricultural tractors. Talk of new standards for all automobiles is circulating which could change the way all Americans use their automobiles.


All this may be to the thanks of a grand marketing scheme that uses the environmental extremists globally as puppets to carry the message. All the while someone may be getting filthy rich at the expense of everyone else.