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December 16, 2012 - Former congressman Chuck Hagel has come out as front runner for secretary of defense. Hagel has personal ties to President Obama from their days serving in congress. Hagel has a reputation of being an independent thinker who can be bluntly spoken at times. Hagel is 66 years old.

Hagel ended his career in congress in 2009 and as Defense Secretary will be in charge of overseeing the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and also will direct deep spending cuts at the Pentagon. Unlike many serving in Washington, Chuck Hagel served time in the military; he is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam war. Hagel is described as a moderate Republican, an independent thinker.

This move will be an interesting watch in the daily politics in Washington. Hagel is said to not be your usual “winger” – someone dedicated strictly to party ties – which makes him somewhat an outsider these days in Washington. The Obama administration has facilitated some of the most divisive policy in history, rivaling that of John Boehner, a Republican with extremist views who has been responsible, along with the President for much of the stalemate in politics. It will be interesting to see if Hagel is able to tend to business properly with divisive leaders like Obama and Boehner riding his shirt tails.
A search of the web showed that Hagel does have a history of playing politics, though. In the past he had waivered on a marriage amendment which he had said to support. Nebraskans had complained that he was getting evasive when trying to meet with him to discuss the issue. In response to the lack of response by Hagel, James Dobson ran an ad in the Omaha World-Herald to call Hagel’s hand on the issue. (source: American Spectator Website, Feb. 2005 archive.)Time will tell if Hagel plays politics in the position if he secures the position at the Pentagon.