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Chronic Stomach Pain - Chronic Constipation: Eosinophilic Colitis may be the cause.
October 6, 2012 - Chronic stomach pain or chronic constipation in kids and teens can be a problem. Like many you may take your child to the doctor only to have the nurse and doctor roll their eyes saying something like "well, you know, kids have problems with constipation." "It's part of growing up." Frustrated you may leave to start your child on constant rounds of polyethylene glycol (brand name Miralax) or milk of magnesia to relieve the constipation and pain. This problem will sometimes return even with constant use of laxitives. However, doctors are finding new reasons for chronic bouts of stomach pain and constipation in children and young adults.
Eosinophilic colitis is a little known and little researched illness. In short, something your child is eating maybe causing a reaction internally. Typically we think of food allergies as causing itching, rash or breathing difficulties. But internal reactions are possible. As the substance moves through the digestive tract the immune system can send certain cells, known as eosinophils, to fight the "bad stuff". Even if the substance is not harmful, like most allergens, our body can think it is and begins a battle.
One contributer to the Lomax Report had a situation like this, and after a year of doctors, emergency room visits and pediatric gastrointerologists was finally sent to an immunologist. There is where they may have found an answer.
According to what the immunologist, Dr. Robert Pesek of Arkansas Childrens Hospital, told the contributer, most cases of this nature are caused by a reaction to dairy and/or soy in the diet. If this is eliminated from the diet the child should return to normal as the eosinophils clear out. However other foods can cause this too, so an immunologist should be sought out who understands the illness - eocinophilic colitis.
Time will tell if this was the answer needed. This article on the Lomax Report will be updated in the future.
If you have had dealings with eosinophilic cholitis please email us with your story. We will not publish your story unless you tell us it is ok. We value everyone's privacy.
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