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Constant Sinus Infection - Chronic Ear Infection - Constant Sinus Infection: could be a sign of Primary Immune Deficiency or Common Variable Immune Deficiency

October 13, 2012 – Primary Immunodeficiency and Common Variable Immune Deficiency are illnesses that are little known and little understood in the medical community. Your local family physician may not have even heard of them. Over the years a common complaint is constant bouts with sinus or ear infections. Doctors can sometimes act unconcerned and say things like "you should exercise more - that’s good for the immune system" or "well, some people are more prone to infections than others." But for the person having the symptoms, that is no relief from the worry of “what’s wrong with me?”


PI or Primary Immunodeficiency is a genetic disorder that is inherited by the person with the illness. There are several types of PI, one common type is Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID).


The person with Primary Immunodeficiency – PI or Common Variable Immunodeficiency – CVID cannot fight off illness well. When a normal person has a cold, the immune system catalogs the virus or bacteria so that the next time they are encountered, it remembers exactly how to fight it off. However with Primary Immunodeficiency or Common Variable Immunodeficiency the immune system does not remember. Also the immune system is sluggish in reacting in the first place which allows infection to take hold and really cause problems.


Symptoms, while this is not a detailed list, include constant bouts of ear infections, chronic sinus infections, several bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia and more. One person’s story follows:


“After two rounds of antibiotics for ear and sinus infection I was still running fever and thinking I might have to go back to the doctor. I sat up one night with my ear aching and began researching online about chronic ear infections. That’s when I began finding answers.”


The contributor found the website of the Jeffery Modell Foundation, which detailed warning symptoms of Primary Immunodeficiency. Also on the site is the ability to search for specialists in the field in most states.


Many local doctors have not heard of the illness and may not understand how to treat it. It takes a specialist who understands immunology to work with the patient so that a good standard of living is attainable.


Visit the link below to begin finding answers for Primary Immunodeficiency and Common Variable Immune Deficiency.

Jeffery Modell Foundation -